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Welcome to Our Company

ProRange Company is a full service painting company serving north and central New Jersey. We are proud to offer superior customer service and professional workmanship.

How We Work

Initial Contact & Estimation

Proposal & Project Approval

Material Orders & Work Scheduling

Project Work & Inspections

Ready to Get Started?

Call us today at ProRange Painting Company
for a free quote at (800) 123-4567.

Why Choose Us?

Full Property Refurbishment

Make Your Dream a Reality With Us.

What People Say

“From start to finish, the work of this great team exceeded my expectations. The professional advice in choosing colors and materials was great!”

Luiza Collins

Interior & Exterior Painting

“ProRange staff have provided us with painting services in the most professional manner. I would recommend them to everyone for any size project.”

Mark Francis

Interior & Exterior Painting

“ProRange Company has done multiple projects for us over the last few years. They do a beautiful, quality job and are very easy to work with.”

Jason Blacke

Interior & Exterior Painting